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The Bay Centre
Level 4, 65 Pirrama Road
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Veolia Water Technologies - New Zealand

Level 3, 149-155 Parnell Road
Ph: + 64 9 354 4174
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Oil & Gas

Creating Water Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

oil and gas water treatment

Proven solutions for sustainable water management

We specialise in water and wastewater treatment systems for: Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Coal Seam Gas (CSG), oil, petrochemical production and refineries with over 400 Oil & Gas references worldwide.

We can provide turnkey and customised technological solutions for both onshore and offshore facilities. Our proven tailor made systems focus on technical performance, compliance with process and environmental requirements and energy optimisation. We offer:

  • Treatment of produced water to remove pollutants for reuse or environmental discharge
  • Treatment of sea water, brackish water or ground water for producing demineralised water, process water or drinking water
  • Groundwater remediation and industrial reuse
  • Integrated and packaged plants on skids
Needs Objective Veolia Technology

Produced water treatment

  • Treat produced water by removing organics, solids and salt for reuse or discharge

Create high quality drinking water

  • Produce high quality drinking water
  • Remove salt and other contaminants from sea water

Produce boiler feed or demin water

  • Produce high quality demineralised water to the boiler or for other process uses

Wastewater/ Effluent Treatment

  • Treat operations wastewater for organics, solids & salt reduction
  • Treat wastewater for reuse or discharge
  • Groundwater remediation
  • Biological treatment (MBR, MBBR™)
  • MPPE™
  • Sludge treatment
  • Reverse osmosis

Service & Maintenance

  • Ongoing and preventative service and maintenance
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